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This is Bridget Rau with Divine Essentials! Offering Coaching and Mentoring for Union & Alignment

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About Memberships & Coaching

Hey guys I am so excited to be rolling out memberships and Courses, Live Events, and Community Opportunities to come together and grow, heal, and ascend through life. 

This is a space for many souls who I can relate to!

Are you still waiting for Twin Flame Union?

Sick of Not Manifesting Your Desires?

Need Business to Pick Up or Begin?

Deep Child hood Pain and Trauma?

Past Life Blocks & Unhealed Karma?

A Star Seed Soul Who just Misses Home?

An Empath Who was Targeted by a Narcissist?

I was there with all of the above and way more!

  • Do You Struggle With Miserable Depression, Anxiety, Stress and Overwhelm to do with these things? 
  • Feel like absolutely nobody understands you and tell you to let it go or give up... but you can't! You can't if your life depended on it you love someone more than knew possible if you're on a Twin Flame Path
  • Business may be seemingly impossible and discouraging or simply not being approached the best ways to serve you!

There is support for my Essential Empress ladies, Who is not building an empire simply just because, but because it is essential she does!! The ladies who want to build a purposeful powerful business with soul led authority

Then we have Divine Feminine Union Activations and Coaching Calls for the emotions and love aspects of life we may experience in a Divine Connection!!

Divine Darlings is a space for those of you who would like to simply just have a reading done every month! 

You can leave a question in the 24 hours leading up to the call, 

which happens every first Tuesday of the month, but it is very much better to have you there with us in the call. In case I need to ask you anything or misunderstand the question you send in. 

Otherwise the Monday prior to the call leave a question in the Tab Group for Divine Darlings and make sure you date your Questions and use the little Topic Marker Divine Darlings!

Divine Darlings is $11.11 Essential Empress $44 and Empress Master $88

 Essential Empress and Empress Master unlock access to everything 

 Empress Master unlocks 30% off future classes, events, courses, and 1:1 Coaching calls.

Live Readings available to you for your benefits! 

Essential Empress is about Business Mentoring These are Thursday Night calls 

The 2nd and 4th Thursday 10pm to 2am EST

 DF Union Activations 4th Tues & Coaching Calls on 3rd Tuesday

Find Union within to unlock union in the 3D with your Love or just yourself! 

It is about becoming one and whole and happy and abundant in your Empress Energy! 

As well as using your 5D High Priestess energy to intuitively grow and evolve too!

 We will discuss and do rituals and share our stories, inspiring and healing for ourselves and each other

Star Seed Souls Activations, or simply come see what is shared by the Emissaries to our members, and any impromptu messages Bridget shares with the community.

The posts I make weekly will mix up between different topics and offer an array of support and tools to use to better your life on all levels!

Special VIP benefits to Empress Master!

Weekly posts and updates to the groups and members. Whatever we are experiencing collectively receive some support and love!

Monthly Rituals and Spells are done at the DF Union Calls!

Tarot Spreads and readings shared unique to members only!

There is now 1:1 Coaching on my site you MUST APPPLY for but there is Bi weekly options for Coaching and a Special Plan under the Plans Tab and the other options are under the Soul Coaching 1:1 Coaching Tab 

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